Chow Caddie Delivery

Our mission is to make the delivery process easy and efficient for you and your customers. We stride to make sure that families have the opportunity to enjoy your food and desserts 7 days a week.

How it Works

  1. Customer find your menu on or the website we’ll provide for you.
  2. Customer places order
  3. Your team is notified via:
    • Tablet
    • Email
    • Fax
  4. When the food is ready, Chow Caddie will pick the order up and deliver it to your customer.
  5. Get paid every other Friday.

Why Partner with Us

  • Unlike other delivery services, there is no cost to you. Our delivery service and marketing of your establishment is fee-based and paid by the customer.
  • Technology driven with sophisticated backend platform for seamless integration with restaurant's menu and delivery.
  • The set-up is simple. All you need is a email address, fax, tablet or mobile phone to receive orders. When the order is ready, our drivers will be there for the delivery.
  • You can cancel your service anytime.

What you’ll Receive

  1. Your menu will be listed on alongside our network of area restaurants.
  2. In addition, you’ll automatically receive a FREE WEBSITE designed around your brand that seamlessly integrates with Chow Caddie.
    • Mobile optimized
    • Optimized for Search Engines (SEO)
    • Fully Customizable
    • Can use a custom domain name
    • Extendable - easily integrate with lots of 3rd party services
    • Example Site:
  3. Take control of your menu using our admin interface, you can easily:
    • Edit your menu
    • Update your ordering hours
    • Change your site design

Delivery Area

We’ll deliver to anybody within 7 miles of your restaurants.

Restaurant Signup

Interested in joining the Chow Caddie network of restaruants? Fill out the form below and we'll follow up with you as soon as possible.